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After an accident, rehabilitation can be vitally important to your recovery.

Whether you require physical rehabilitation or psychological rehabilitation, we can arrange this for you. At Clime Associates, we have a network of nationwide resources to guarantee you receive the best possible treatment. 

Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a process offered by medical professionals that strives to restore you back to your pre-accident physical well-being. 

If you have sustained particular areas of physical damage or loss, rehabilitation and physiotherapy will focus on restoring function to those areas. If this is not feasible, education will form part of the rehabilitation programme, teaching you how to compensate for the damage that cannot be repaired. 

Rehabilitation and/or physiotherapy must be recommended and administered by a medical expert. This can play a vital role in your recovery and future well-being, especially if you have been injured in a road traffic accident or any accident that was not your fault.

Psychological Rehabilitation

Psychologists can provide counselling and clinical services which help individuals adjust to injuries, flashbacks, nightmares, mood changes, poor concentration or post-traumatic stress disorder. These are often symptoms or conditions that remain long after the physical body has healed; the effect on the individual's daily life can be distressing and should not be left untreated. 

A psychological assessment is important and should only be conducted by a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist; they will diagnose and prescribe the correct course of treatment or therapy. 

Rehabilitation & Compensation

Any physiotherapy, rehabilitation or treatment you are offered and receive will be paid for by the insurers of the party who were liable for the accident. This ensures you receive 100% of the compensation awarded. So receiving rehabilitation will not affect your compensation award. 

Clime Associates will strive to achieve the maximum compensation available for your injuries; we will also use the Rehabilitation Code to its full advantage and ensure that you receive the best treatment and long term support available.

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