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Whilst no case is ever exactly alike, our approach remains consistent, which is to focus on getting the best outcome for our clients, considering their objectives and circumstances.


What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute Resolution refers to the process by which two parties reach a solution to their dispute. Parties must find the best process and medium to voice their grievances, narrow the points of dispute and identify practical solutions. This is true whatever the dispute, whether that be between a Landlord and Tenant, or between an Insurer and Policyholder.

Whilst these are somewhat obvious statements, they are not always properly understood, even by experienced lawyers. Many lawyers will encourage their client to issue court proceedings, regardless of the case or their client’s objectives. However, Dispute Resolution does not inevitably mean legal action. Whilst a court room is sometimes the best place to finally resolve a dispute, there are many forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution that parties should first consider.

How will my Dispute be resolved?

The first step in resolving your dispute is to fully appraise the merits of your case. Once you know the strengths and weaknesses of your case, it is easier to decide on the best strategy to address your dispute.

Often the next step will be to prepare a well worded Letter of Claim to the other party. This letter sets out your claim, and allows the other party to understand your grievances. We may then propose forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution to the other party, such as Mediation or Expert Assessment. If we cannot reach a settlement, and if we believe your case is strong enough, we may then recommend issuing proceedings.

Our areas of Expertise

Disputes can arise in a vast array of settings. You may have a dispute with another party to a contract, or a former solicitor over poor advice. Clime Associates has expert knowledge and experience in resolving a wide array of civil and commercial matters.

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How will my case be funded?

Once we have assessed your claim, we can offer a number of funding options, which you can read more about on our funding page here. We often offer our clients flexible and risk sharing funding options, including no win no fee agreements, after the event insurance and third party funding.

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